Caviar Malossol

American White Sturgeon Caviar Malossol

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The American Imperial White sturgeon is an original American species, belonging to the sturgeon family, grown in California ponds filled with fresh artesian water.
The natural diet they are fed allows to harvest caviar which is very close in flavor to that famous Russian Osetra caviar, generously sized grains boast light nutty taste, both smooth and robust.
The grains of american white sturgeon caviar vary from golden brown to dark color with glossy and shiny appearance. 
The nutritional value per 100 g of american white sturgeon caviar is:
proteins-28 g;
fats-9.8 g;
In 100 g of american sturgeon caviar contains 201 kcal.

Please keep in mind that caviar is a perishable product and in order for it to arrive fresh we only ship via overnight delivery. Every package we ship is packed in a box with an insulated foam container (mini refrigerator) and includes ice gel packs. This type of packaging is capable of storing the caviar fresh for at least two days. If it is shipped to a cooler region and depending on the weather it will stay fresh for an even longer period.

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